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Our company is engaged in outsourcing of sales for foreign companies in the territory of Russia and the CIS countries. By signing a contract we actually become your full-fledged representatives. We define with you a customer search strategy, analyze the most effective channels to attract them (cold calls, exhibitions, presentations at conferences, Internet marketing, etc.), participate on your behalf in exhibitions and conferences and support your work (arrange deals, schedule meetings and translate your documents for the required language). To determine the work effectiveness, we carry out a large-scale reporting procedure of the events held and provide it to you. All works are performed officially, by signing a transparent contract, which indicates the required type of works and the required budget for their implementation. The list of services begins with developing a sales strategy, searching for key customers, accessing them and introducing or adapting accessory tools (a website, a CRM system, accounting, etc.) and completes with creating a full-fledged sales department within a full-fledged branch office with its accounting department and staff.



We will bring as much benefit as possible to companies that did not yet work in Russia and the CIS countries, as well as to those ones, which cannot find their key customers in our country or cannot achieve them or which have faced problems in legislation or bureaucratic barriers. Entering new markets is associated with making serious decisions, so to work with a manager is not enough for us. We need to work systematically with a head or an owner of the company who can make strategic decisions. If you are not a corporate giant and cannot risk through spreading tangible budgets, our services will be ideal for you, and we will be able to expand your sales geography!

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